Creating augmented reality to aid in learning, by Andy Nock


Tweet Augmented Reality (AR) is an overlay of a computer-generated image over real life.  By using a mobile device (such as an iPad) and aiming it at a specially created reference image, the AR App can overlay anything from a simple image to a full interactive 3D model.   Walkaround card from Kia Carens Launch, […]

Building a network, by Mark Berthelemy


Tweet One of the most useful things you can do as a learning professional is build your own network of people on whom you can call and who may call you. This has both immediate and long term benefits: Immediate: Know who to call to support specific tasks Be pointed to useful resources that will […]

Understand where I’m coming from?, by Sam Burrough


Tweet My tip this year is to get out and spend time with the people you’re supposed to be designing for. Not the subject matter experts. Not the project manager. Not the project sponsor. No, we’re talking about the real people, the end users, or learners if you must. To avoid any confusion this is […]

When is eLearning not eLearning? When it is short, targeted and timely, by Imogen Casebourne

December 1st

Tweet Over the past decade, eLearning has come to have a very specific meaning: structured courses of a certain length, often in the form of SCORM-compliant objects, and generally hosted on an LMS. But the definition could and should be so much wider. eLearning might be a custom portal hosting a set of videos that […]

Beyond the Information Dump, by Tom Kuhlmann


Tweet A question frequently asked is how to move beyond linear, click-and-read elearning. Our tendency is to build info-centric courses that push information out. To move past this we need to build courses that are learner-centric. And one way to do that is to switch from courses that push content out to courses that have […]

White space is your friend – tips for graphic design, by Colin Steed


Tweet We live in a visual age. All day, every day, we are surrounded by visual imagery. If you stop and look for a few seconds, you will find that you are immersed in a visual culture: tv, posters, packaging, traffic directions, magazines, billboards, websites.   Visual imagery is a language and, like any language, […]

8 Training Wastes You Should Eliminate to Accelerate eLearning, by Todd Hudson


Tweet When most of us think of waste, we think it’s something you throw away, but did you know it also applies to training, and more specifically, to elearning? “Training waste” is anything that doesn’t directly help learners perform better on the job. By this standard, 80% to 90% of training activities are waste that […]

Mobile learning – piloting it inside your organisation, by Ros Sutton


Tweet Here’s some tips from Ros on successful implementation of mobile learning within your organisation. Content needs context Make sure the content is appropriate for mobile delivery and applicable to the target audience. Ensure there’s context around it for the learner. Test before launch Test content fully on all target mobile devices first Be agile […]

Responsive e-learning on older browsers? No problem… , by Steve Rayson


Tweet So, unless you’ve been under a rock for the past couple of years you’ll have been hearing about this wonderful new HTML5 technology everyone’s getting all excited about. And even if you have spent the past two years on an extended potholing trip, it’s likely that at least someone you know, probably someone important […]

Innovation and effective eLearning – what one thing can make a difference to learning? By Cammy Bean


Tweet It’s not particularly innovative, but it’s often forgotten. What’s that? Making learning more effective, that is. In the hustle and bustle to be innovative, we sometimes forget the basics. So let’s put innovation aside for a moment. As a designer of interactive online learning for the workplace, put your focus on the human being […]

Not just the usual audio debate, by Craig Taylor/Santa


Tweet Moving away from the traditional audio in courseware debate, Craig Taylor looks at how else we can use this in learning and performance support, and how to get the most from it, regardless of budget.     ___________________________________________ Author: Craig TaylorCraig has been working in learning and Development for close to 20 years but […]

Parallel learning, or how the entrepreneurial approach is changing the way organisations learn, by Ollie & Stephen Gardener


Tweet This article is essentially about diversity, and how embracing it will help our organisations learn better. More specifically, it’s about an approach called parallel learning (also called parallel working, co-learning, and many other names besides). The basic premise is that while we all recognise that diversity is good, our natural approach tends to favour […]

It’s their learning not yours, by Alan Nelson


Tweet I’d like to set a New Year’s Resolution for the elearning world. Let’s stop dreaming up ever more glorious ways of delivering training, and instead focus on facilitating people’s learning. And let’s start by asking learners what they think. Not at the end of courses, but all the time and as the main form […]

Soundbite into Story, by Niall Gavin (and team)


Tweet Here’s a story of how vanity can lead you into a challenge which takes you out of your comfort zone and becomes a learning and transformational experience. At the beginning of December, I was asked by Sam Taylor ( @samt_el ) if I’d like to submit a tip to the eLearning Network’s “24 Tips” ( @24tips ) daily […]

Tim’s Killer Evaluation Questions, by Tim Drewitt


Tweet As well as leading the learning technologies strategy at Eversheds LLP, I also lead the firm’s activities in the evaluation of training and supporting the transfer of learning – the other “passions” in my L&D life!   Over the last few months, I’ve introduced a new shorter online evaluation survey, initially for skills-based programmes […]

Business Support and Online Learning, by Matt Brewer


Tweet So. You’ve been given the much-envied task of providing compliance training for loads of users in loads of branches in loads of countries. You know that your audience is struggling to sleep at night due to the unbridled sense of excitement they have for the training they’re set to receive. You have many ideas […]

My principles for a peaceful life in learning, by Katherine Chapman


Tweet I’m a simple person at heart and I like principles to work to. I have at various times in my working life formally flirted with innovation and challenging people to work and learn differently and perform more efficiently with various degrees of success – another or several stories.   These days, the innovation label […]

Know Your Audience, by Rob Hubbard


Tweet Users are the most important but frequently neglected stakeholders in an elearning project. Those who will use the learning app, system, game, course or content we create hold the key to our success. Our role as learning experience designers is to empathise with our users, to put ourselves in their shoes, and the best […]

Getting the message across, by Mark Berthelemy


Tweet Wouldn’t it be great if you were trying to get a message out across an organisation, and people started talking about it, telling their friends and colleagues about it, and basically spreading the message for you? For any organisation with a focus on compliance, whether health & safety, financial or legal, this would be […]

Skeuomorphism in e-Learning Design, by John Curran


Tweet If you are interested in web and UI design it’s likely you will have come across the great skeuomorphism debate that’s currently raging around Apple. Until a few months ago I didn’t know what skeuomorphism meant but now that I understand the concept I think it’s useful to explore its relevance to e-learning design. […]