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Name Bio
Clive Shepherd


Clive is a consultant with an interest in all aspects of technology-assisted learning and communication.  He is the chair of the E-Learning Network and a regular speaker and contributor to conferences and publications throughout the E-Learning world.
Connie Malamed


Connie is an eLearning, information and visual designer. Connie has a Masters Degree in Instructional Design & Technology and many years of experience in the trenches. Her book, Visual Language for Designers, focusses on how to design for the human mind—something that’s very important in eLearning.
Viv Cole


Viv specialises in helping professionals learn more effectively, using technology in smart ways. A former training manager at Deloitte and director at Redtray, he is now a freelance consultant. He has been a director of the eLearning Network since 2006.