When is e-learning not e-learning?, by Marco Faccini


Tweet Are we falling into the obvious trap that vendors are setting for us by putting different labels onto the different types of learning available to us? Why not try in 2014 to drop these labels…   What’s the Problem? Years ago when I lead sales teams and I was recruiting a new team member […]

3 evidence-based design tips for your virtual classroom slides, by Roger Courville


Tweet We love to lambaste PowerPoint, but for most of us it’s a necessary part of our work in virtual classrooms. Unfortunately, while we may aspire to designing to improve learner attention and cognition, it’s not something we ourselves have ever been taught. We learn from peers and perpetuate their poor habits, we work for […]

Video as a learning resource, by Martin Baker


Tweet Martin Baker shares how the Charity Learning Consortium is using Video as part of it’s learning offering. Author: Martin Baker Martin Baker is the founder and CEO of The Charity Learning Consortium, the largest group of charities in the UK collaborating to make eLearning affordable. Twitter: @martincbaker & @charitylearning Website:http://www.charitylearning.org/

When is elearning not elearning? When it can be so much more, by Charles Gould


Tweet The e-learning course has been with us now for well over a decade and arguably, in its previous guise of CBT, long before that. But we could define e-learning as much more than that. Here are some examples. Less is more. Time is an increasingly precious commodity. Why is it that the most powerful […]

Serious Gaming Doesn’t Have To Be Seriously Expensive, by Richard Price


Tweet In the autumn of 2012, I set out to prove that serious games in education no longer need to be the preserve of big business. This case study documents my experiences, my tips on creating a serious game and demonstrates that you don’t need a six figure budget to produce an engaging and effective […]

How not to run a webinar, by Kim George


Tweet There’s a lot of advice out there on how to run a slick and engaging webinar. Top tips after top tips on what to do and how to do it and while that’s incredibly useful, I recently discovered that no matter how much you think you know about online learning and no matter how […]

How to design learning that lasts, by Catherine Jones


Tweet Remember the campaign ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas’? Let’s kick off 2014 with a similar mission: to make sure we avoid the one-off elearning modules and breathe life and longevity into our learning solutions. What’s the problem? The frustration we find ourselves in as designers, commissioners or consumers of elearning […]

12 tips from games based design to help improve instructional design , by Cat Oxley


Tweet We all talk about escaping the ‘click next button’ eLearning design, and we all know that can be a challenge at times. Therefore as instructional designers we are always looking to improve our learning design and how we can make learning more ‘exciting’, more ‘fun’ – so hopefully this tips give you a starter […]

SCORM or Video, by John Curran


Tweet In case you may have missed it e-learning, or online learning as I prefer to call it these days, has gone mainstream. From YouTube to Lynda, from iTunesU to MOOCs everyone is learning online. But one surprising aspect of this frenzy of online learning activity is the simple fact that almost none of it […]

All onboard the induction train, by Alex Davies


Tweet How do you get your new starters ‘onboard’? You’ve made a great recruitment choice, they’re starting in a week, and you’re fired up with the new and improved things they’re going to help you do. But how do you ensure that they know what’s expected of them? How do you impart that feeling of […]

Using Diigo for personal knowledge management, by Sarah Berthelemy


Tweet Every day we are exposed to large amounts of information on the internet, whether at work or at home. Sometimes we’re searching the internet in order research a problem – to find the solution to an issue – other times it may just be for interests’ sake, but whenever we’re exposed to information, how […]

Context Trumps ‘Click Next’, by James McLuckie


Tweet Sometimes the most powerful learning lessons come from the most, seemingly innocuous questions.     I recall a group discussion where the facilitator asked us what our favourite fruit was. “Banana!” “Strawberry!” “Apple!” “Blueberry!” we all individually piped up. Fairly straightforward so far. The facilitator then invited us to discuss which one was the […]

When is elearning not elearning – when it’s an animated video, by Sam Taylor


Tweet If you want a quick performance support aid, that actively engages colleagues on mobile devices, consider a brief animated video. We’ve used these a lot in the business over the last 6 months, they’re perfect to brush up your skills just before a meeting, or as part of a team building exercise, or sharing […]

Resource or Course, by Carole Bower


Tweet How do you decide whether your learners need resources or courses and what happens when the distinction isn’t clear or understood? Carole Bower explores the role of courses and resources within a 21st century learning environment.   What is the difference? First things first, it’s worth pointing out the main distinction between a course […]

The Infographic of Info graphics…. by Saffron Interactive


Tweet Infographics are a great way of attracting learners attention and presenting content visually… but where to start? In this post, Saffron Interactive shows us how, in the form of an infographic.   Saffron Interactive work with FTSE 250 organisations to change behaviour and drive performance. They produce award-winning bespoke e-learning and over the past […]

The science behind writing persuasive content, by Richard Hyde


Tweet As a learning designer, I often look at parallel industries for creative ideas.  I’ve long thought that marketing offers many ideas for writing persuasive copy.  These people know how to convince us to buy products and services by changing our behaviour.  There’s an established psychology behind web marketing that works – it makes us […]

Tips for effective use of audio in eLearning, by Peter Phillips


Tweet   Audio can add an extra dimension to your courseware and increase both user engagement and retention. But like every other aspect of instructional design, it needs skill to do it well. Here are a few tips from Unicorn’s experience. Quality matters.  The Youtube generation has made us remarkably tolerant of low quality video, […]

The Golden Moment, by John Curran


Tweet Is ignorance really bliss? An article in New Scientist back in the Summer (30 July) suggests that too much knowledge can be a bad thing. “Almost anytime you are explaining an idea to a less informed person, a dash of ignorance will help you judge their knowledge and abilities more accurately.” Why is this? […]

When is elearning not elearning… when it’s a book, by Craig Taylor


Tweet Paperbased or electronic, books are still a great way of supporting learning.      

Since When Did We Get So Serious? By Helen Blunden


Tweet I don’t know about you but it’s rare that I am inspired by mandated training. Whether it’s completing annual compliance e-learning programs sitting on an LMS or being told by a manager that I must attend an event to learn about a new service or product that may or may not be relevant to […]